How To Promote Your Blog Posts 2021

Learning how to promote your blog post can mean success in the field of blogging and only those who master this will survive the hardest competition. You as blogger might have all the good things on your site like great content, high end website design but these things alone will not get your blog readers more over there are thousands of blogs being created every day and you have to act fast to establish yourself on the internet.
People do not know that your blog exists so let them know that your blog is here to stay and show them that you are an expert in your niche. This is important because first impression can mean a lot especially with online audiences, if the visitors on your blog do not find anything interesting they just exit your website in seconds. So make sure you have everything in place that grabs a visitors attention and retain them on your blog for a longer duration of time.

Some important places to promote your blog posts to the target audience.

Blog directory – Submit your blog to the top blog directories on the internet today like technorati.com and there are other directories also that you can submit your blog.

Technorati is a huge directory that gets hundreds of visits every hour and getting your blog listed in this website is the best and the first thing that you have to do as a blog owner, technorati has its own ranking system which ranks blog in their directory and the most frequently updated blogs usually are ranked higher on their site.

There are a lot ofĂ‚ advantage on submitting to 

blog directories.

Your blog gets some referral traffic from these directories because some of their categories rank higher.
Your new blog posts will get incoming links
This is a one time job you submit once and forget about it.

Rss Feeds

Every blog has its own rss feed which can be used to promote your blog to interested people or repeat visitors. If you have a very good content and regularly post on your blog then the chances of visitors coming back to your blog is more, with the help of rss feeds you can increase the number of repeat visitors.

Thinking how? you can do it with the help of a free tool from google called feedburner. There are features that come along with this free resource which is actually a gift to bloggers.

Feedburner has this wonderful service called email subscription once your signed in you will be given a small code which creates a email subscription box that you need to place somewhere appropriate on your blog for your readers to subscribe. Once a reader subscribes then feedburner will send them a mail whenever you make a new post, this helps you get repeat visitors and engage them regularly on your blog posts.

Video sharing sites

Make video about your blog posts and submit to the top video sharing sites with your link in the description. Videos tend to rank higher and works great when you target long tail keywords, these videos can get you some long term traffic.

You can use a free tool – tubemogul.com that will distribute your videos to over 23 video sites and its a highly recommended resource if you are branding your blog.

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking sites can get your site a good number of backlinks and get your blog posts indexed in a matter of minutes. These type of sites usually have a huge user base and if they find your site useful they share your link on their profile getting you more traffic. It is worth submitting to at least the top bookmarking sites and manually doing all this will take a lot of time, so make use of a free service like socialmarker.com which will cut down the submission time greatly.

Also provide bookmarking options to your blog readers at the end of each post, so that its easy for them to share and bookmark your content if they find it helpful. If you are using a self hosted wordpress blog, then you can also download a free wordpress plugin at their site.

Social Media Sites

How could one forget these sites, today almost all those who use internet use these sites and as a blogger we can use social media sites like facebook, twitter and google circles to promote our blog.

Each blog you create try to have a separate twitter, facebook accounts then build loyal followers and regularly interact with them. Whenever you make a new blog post share it with your followers ask them for feedback and encourage them to leave a comment on your blog, try to reply for all their comments. This will build a good relationship with your readers and they tend to come back to your site more often.

You can take your content to the readers making it easier for them to access your content.

Submit Press Releases

Today anyone with a newsworthy content or event can publish their press release and the good thing about these services is that these press releases will be distributed to hundreds of feeder sites which are read by users all over the world. They not only get your blog more reference link but it also gives an instant surge of traffic and you should try to retain most of these visitors using the feedburner or newsletter service.

There are many press release websites which offer free service try to make the best use of them.

Forum Posting

You might have heard this a hundred times but the forum posting does work. You can promote your blog in the signature or else add them in the posts whenever you find it is relevant to the discussion of the particular thread. Most forums have nofollow tag for external sites and might not help with seo but you can post regularly and get some traffic from these sites.

As a blogger the primary job for you is to retain your readers on your blog and grow your blog posts to attract new readers. Be a smart blogger, make use of all the blogging resources to gain visitors and engage existing readers. Do remember as you provide more and more quality content people keep coming back to your site and they will share your content indirectly promoting your blog, so concentrate on the quality.

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