7 Steps to writing newspaper article

Today we are going to talk about the 7 steps we use to 5 blog posts fast.

If you want to write a blog post every day, that’s great… But if you’re like us, sometimes you just don’t fee like writing or are too busy with other things. On the other hand, sometimes when we do feel like writing, we feel like writing a lot more than the few hundred words for one blog post.

We tend to write our blog post ahead of time and “set” them to be published later. There are a few reasons we do this:

  • With this blog we write 5 posts per week… So we get everything written for the week and we spend our time on other projects.
  • With the way we write (described below), our topics tend to be in the same ballpark…
  • It’s really fun to write topics in a shotgun style approach (it is for us anyway).

The goal is to be done with each blog post in about 20 minutes of writing effort. I type 60-70 words per minute… Some of you may be faster; some of you may be slower… Some people prefer to write with a pen and paper. How it gets done doesn’t matter… The process is what matters.

  • Get in a quite place with no distractions, no music and no window with a pretty tree outside that you will daydream on.
  • Open up six blank pages on the screen, pick one and start writing about different subjects related to your niche. Just free write for 5-10 minutes.
    • Don’t worry about the topics
    • Don’t worry about how ridiculous it may sound
    • Don’t worry about grammar or spelling
  • Now go back through your free writing and pick 5 different headlines you would like to write about and put those headlines on the top of each page. Write a, “Why you want to write about this topic” paragraph (or 2, 3 or whatever) about each headline and answer these questions…
    • Why is it important?
    • Why would my readers want to read this?
    • What value does this bring?
  • Now go back through each post after you write your “why” paragraphs and write your blog post. Don’t be afraid to delete content that doesn’t sound right or just doesn’t fit with the topic.
  • Your blog post is not meant to be War & Peace, nor is it meant to be a literary masterpiece… Keep it short and to the point – most blog posts are in the 300-700 word range… It’s okay to have a 2,000 word blog post here and there, but you have to be careful not to lose your reader’s interest.
    • Try not to use any words with more than three syllables (the average person only reads at an eighth grade level).
  • Keep this question in the back of your mind, “What is my reader getting from this?” This will help you keep the blog from being all about you.
  • Once your blog posts are written, step away from them for at least an hour then come back and reread them. If they are good to go, set them up as future blog post.
  • What are some techniques you use to write blog posts?

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